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wedding rings in nyc
"We received the ring on Friday - it fits perfectly!!!   It's just what John wanted ... and I love the inscription.   Thanks so much for making this so easy for us!!!" -Jennifer B., Conn.

wedding rings in nyc
Lacy and Stephen are tickled pink over their rings!!

We Use Ethically Sourced Precious Metals & Conflict-Free Diamonds

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Caring for your Diamond

Diamonds may be the hardest substance known to man, but they too can be damaged or dulled. Your diamond jewelry will benefit from the following tips:

Don't jumble your diamond jewelry together or with other pieces because diamonds can scratch other jewelry and each other.

Keep your diamond jewelry in a fabric-lined jewel case or in a box with compartments or dividers.

Don't wear your diamonds when doing rough work. Even though a diamond is durable, it can be chipped by a hard blow.

Clean your diamonds regularly using either commercial jewelry cleaner, a mix of ammonia and water, or a mild detergent. Dip the jewelry into the solution and use a soft brush to dislodge dust or dirt from under the setting.

Don't let your diamond come in contact with chlorine bleach or other chemicals because they can pit or discolor the mounting.

See your jeweler at least once a year to have your diamond jewelry professionally cleaned and checked for loose prongs and wear.

Visit us at:  608 Fifth Avenue (corner 49 Street) Suite 509, New York, NY 10020  212-751-3940
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Visit us at:
608 Fifth Avenue Suite 509
(corner 49 Street)
New York, NY 10020
Appointments suggested

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