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"We received the ring on Friday. It fits perfectly!!! It's just what John wanted ... and I love the inscription. Thanks so much for making this so easy for us!!!"
-Jennifer B., Conn.
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Renewal of Vows

13 Tue Oct 2015
Posted by Mel Krumholtz
Renewing your vows is a special celebration for a married couple. After sharing years together and many happy moments, it’s a wonderful way to celebrate each other. Renewal of vows can happen at any time that feels right, either with just the two of you or can be shared with family and friends. Sometimes a big anniversary is the perfect time or it can simply be done just whenever a couple wants to reaffirm their commitment to each other. There are no guidelines to follow and many variations on how to renew your vows. Whether you are hosting a vow renewal ceremony or an intimate gathering, sharing your commitment to one another will be a memorable experience. When exchanging vows, you may want to share what you said on your wedding day or something new.This is a special opportunity for both of you to take time to think about how you feel about each other. An option is to rewrite vows so that you will be expressing how you feel and to share how your love has grown throughout the years. This is the perfect way to include all the wonderful people in your life. After renewing your vows, you can exchange rings as a way to recreate a piece of the ceremony from your wedding day. Perhaps this is your original wedding band, maybe with a new engraving or an entirely new ring to mark this special occasion. We invite you to visit our showroom on 5th Avenue for this special day.
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Dropping The Hints

1 Tue Sep 2015
Posted by Mel Krumholtz
An engagement ring is a big investment and a piece of jewelry that comes along with a lot of wonderful memories. Deciding on a ring can be a tough decision but make his search for the perfect ring a little bit easier. By starting the conversation and opening up a discussion can be a helpful lead in the right direction without being too obvious. When the two of you are ready to make the next step, casually talk about what you would love in an engagement ring. It’s very difficult for the guy to know your preferred style so these key points will definitely help him make the right choice. Working with a ring designer like Wedding Ring Originals can also help you create that custom experience. Depending on how involved you want to be in the process, sometimes shopping together can be a special experience for the both of you and open a line of communication. Whatever role you want to play in the process, just remember that this is such a special time and to enjoy every moment of it!
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1 Sat Aug 2015
Posted by Mel Krumholtz
Looking for a way to personalize your wedding rings? Engraving is the best way to give it a personal touch. Engrave your bands with something romantic and meaningful to you. Because it goes on the inside of the band, an engraving can be intimate –a secret for only the two of you. Engraving your wedding band is enhancing a piece that is already timeless. By including something simple and classic, like your wedding date, a single word or a line from your vows, makes this experiences a truly memorable one. Just as your ring is an extension of your personality, let your engraving reflect that part of you. This can also be an opportunity to get creative! Consider doing something to make your wedding band feel more personal to you. As time goes on, it’s nice to remember something that just the two of you share. We invite you to visit our showroom to help you design that special message.
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Champagne Diamond Rings

28 Thu May 2015
Posted by Mel Krumholtz
Champagne diamonds are in the spotlight and taking the stage of natural colored diamonds this season. From light champagnes to rich tones, champagne diamonds make a statement for any occasion. These warm tones and hues add a unique element that will fit any personality. read-more Often described as chocolate diamonds or resembling cognac, the warm notes are a perfect balance between haute couture and natural charm. The elegance and timeless glamour of champagne diamonds compliment every style while adding the perfect touch of sparkle to create a glamorous look. Champagne diamonds draw attention due to their elegance and the sophistication of the individual wearing them. Champagne diamonds also mix and match perfectly with other diamonds, colored gemstones as well as pearls. We invite you to visit our showroom on 5th Avenue, to preview a wide variety of champagne diamonds to add to your collection.
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Yellow Diamonds

27 Mon Apr 2015
Posted by Mel Krumholtz
The best way to celebrate the arrival of spring is by welcoming spring colors such as yellow! Each and every year, as the seasons change and the weather warms, we are again awed by power and beauty of nature. The same feeling arises when we gaze at yellow diamonds. When it comes to dressing for the spring season, it’s nice to pair those light and breezy pastel colored outfits with gorgeous colored diamonds with plenty of sparkle.
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Spring Awakening

9 Thu Apr 2015
Posted by Mel Krumholtz
The arrival of spring signifies refreshment and renewal both for nature and for us as well. The beginning of the season is the perfect time to think about your style and how to accessorize. It’s time to do some spring cleaning and organize your jewelry box. If you’re ready to take the plunge and get back to the basics, set aside the everyday pieces to pair with your spring wardrobe. To achieve a chic spring look, think about adding floral colored pieces to your jewelry box. The perfect start is to begin thinking about incorporating bright colors such as gemstones and floral designs to your collection. Emphasize softer colors paired with more organic and floral designs will give you a spring awakening.
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Visit us at:
608 Fifth Avenue Suite 509
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New York, NY 10020
Appointments suggested

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Copyright 1999-2017  Wedding Ring Originals
Copyright 1999-2017  Wedding Ring Originals

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