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"We received the ring on Friday. It fits perfectly!!! It's just what John wanted ... and I love the inscription. Thanks so much for making this so easy for us!!!"
-Jennifer B., Conn.
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Article provided by: Troy Shoppe Jewellers

Wedding Rings Calgary

Wedding Rings Calgary
If you’re shopping for wedding rings in the Calgary area, consider coming in to Troy Shoppe Jewellers. You’ll find the most unique, elegant and attractive engagement and wedding rings in all of Calgary. If you’re looking for something that is absolutely one-of-a-kind, their craftsmen can design and create a ring that is like no other in the world!
Troy Shoppe Jewellers is passionate about showing off their jewellery, and is interested in enhancing your shopping experience and creating a lasting memory for you that you will revisit over the years. Forget about high-pressure attitudes or manipulation towards the quick sale. Troy Shoppe wants to create a unique experience for you while you are shopping for wedding rings in their Calgary store. After all, this is a very special time for you.
You’re going to find the most unique and original jewellery you’ve ever seen when you visit Troy Shoppe Jewellers. With their professional capacity to custom design and manufacture wedding rings, Troy Shoppe Jewellers enables clients to own the jewellery of their dreams! They constantly create new, exciting, and unique pieces that set their owners apart from the crowd, allowing them to enjoy jewellery that is truly personal. 
The unique opportunity for Troy Shoppe Jewellers to cater to each client’s individual taste is what keeps customers coming back time and again. The custom engagement and wedding rings made in Troy Shoppe Jewellers are the talk of Calgary! At Troy Shoppe Jewellers, they take great pride and satisfaction in ensuring that every piece of jewellery meets the highest standards of craftsmanship and excellence. They’re simply not going to compromise on the quality of their jewellery- and neither should you. 
The place to buy the most beautiful wedding rings in all of Calgary is also the place to bring your broken jewellery for repair. You can trust Troy Shoppe Jewellers with those special items that have been in your family for a long time. In fact, if you’re looking for a craftsman who is trustworthy, as well as competent, you can count on Troy Shoppe Jewellers. Troy Shoppe will never compromise for substandard ‘quick-fix’ jobs that will leave you in the same situation in the near future. You may be surprised to learn that as much pride is taken in repair work as you will find in any of the amazing custom engagement or wedding rings found in their Calgary jewellery store- and with new technology, they can show you exactly what needs to be done for the repair, so you’ll understand what you are paying for.
If your wedding is quickly approaching and you have yet to find the perfect wedding rings, plan on a visit to Troy Shoppe Jewellers to see their exceptional custom line of wedding rings in their Calgary store. Troy Shoppe also carries jewellery from Hearts of Fire, Natalie K, Sylvie Collection, Ancora Designs and many others global brands. Create lasting memories at Troy Shoppe Jewellers. You’re going to love their jewellery!
Wedding Rings Calgary
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Wedding Rings Calgary Wedding Rings Calgary Wedding Rings Calgary

Visit us at:  608 Fifth Avenue (corner 49 Street) Suite 509, New York, NY 10020  212-751-3940
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Visit us at:
608 Fifth Avenue Suite 509
(corner 49 Street)
New York, NY 10020
Appointments suggested

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Copyright 1999-2017  Wedding Ring Originals
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