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wedding rings in nyc
"We received the ring on Friday - it fits perfectly!!!   It's just what John wanted ... and I love the inscription.   Thanks so much for making this so easy for us!!!" -Jennifer B., Conn.

wedding rings in nyc
Lacy and Stephen are tickled pink over their rings!!

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Dropping The Hints

1 Tue Sep 2015
Posted by Mel Krumholtz
Dropping The Hints
An engagement ring is a big investment and a piece of jewelry that comes along with a lot of wonderful memories. Deciding on a ring can be a tough decision but make his search for the perfect ring a little bit easier. By starting the conversation and opening up a discussion can be a helpful lead in the right direction without being too obvious. When the two of you are ready to make the next step, casually talk about what you would love in an engagement ring. It’s very difficult for the guy to know your preferred style so these key points will definitely help him make the right choice.

Working with a ring designer like Wedding Ring Originals can also help you create that custom experience. Depending on how involved you want to be in the process, sometimes shopping together can be a special experience for the both of you and open a line of communication. Whatever role you want to play in the process, just remember that this is such a special time and to enjoy every moment of it!

Visit us at:  608 Fifth Avenue (corner 49 Street) Suite 509, New York, NY 10020  212-751-3940
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Visit us at:
608 Fifth Avenue Suite 509
(corner 49 Street)
New York, NY 10020
Appointments suggested

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