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wedding rings in nyc
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4 Splendid American Locations to Propose In

11 Tue Sep 2018
Posted by Mel Krumholtz
The location you choose for your wedding proposal in New York is very important, not only because it will set the atmosphere for this special, life-changing event, but also because you will remember this place for a long time from now on.
If last week we brought forward some of the most beautiful European cities you could propose in, we thought that it would be great to show you that there are fantastic engagement spots around the USA as well. Read on if you want to find out more about the top 4 most beautiful locations in America that are perfect for an engagement proposal.
• Alaska. OK, this may not seem like the perfect vacation destination in the USA, but bear with us for a moment here. Alaska is one of the magical places on Earth where you can actually see the Northern Lights – probably the single most spectacular natural landscape to “use” for an engagement proposal. If you too (and your loved one) are fascinated by the beauty of this natural phenomenon, proposing in Alaska should definitely land on your short list of options.
• Wild Goose Island, Montana. Big fans of the mountainside? Well, it rarely gets more scenic and unforgettable than Wild Goose Island. With landscapes worthy of a movie set and a vibe that is truly amazing, this place is a romantic, unique spot you could definitely add to your engagement locations list.
• The Valley of Fire, Nevada. This is one of the most special natural views you will ever see. With the color scheme of this place, you are bound to create a moment that will stick to your memories not for one or two or even ten years – but for decades. Same as the Northern Lights, this place is perfectly magical.
• New York. We’re biased here, but New York is one of the greatest cities on Earth. Vibrant and diverse, this place has it all – so you really have a myriad of amazingly romantic spots to choose from for your engagement proposal right here, at home. From any of the buildings that offer a fantastic view of the city to any of the small, hidden beauties of NYC and to any of the classic tourist spots, New York City has plenty to offer to those planning to propose.

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Visit us at:
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